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DJPrinceRoyal has earned his place as one of the most sought after DJs in Washington DC Metropolitan area. DJPrinceRoyal is on a mission-- To use his DJ Services to take people on a musical journey that is enjoyable beyond measure. After 20 years of DJing and hosting countless events throughout the United States and internationally, DJPrinceRoyal continues to adapt to any environment, creating opportunities and expanding his brand of DJ Services.


How does he do it? DJPrinceRoyal considers each event a new quest; therefore his delivery is always powerful with the unexpected. It may be assumed that DJPrinceRoyal is a Caribbean DJ because he is a native of Jamaica, however, he has the ability to switch gears and show his audience versatility by mastering a playlist that includes Afro-Beats, Soca, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Edm + more for Cooperate Events, Festivals or Clubs. His methodology is simple; bring people to their feet by offering them the royal entertainment.

Charity is near and dear to DJPrinceRoyal's heart and as a result he started the charitable event "I Love My Life" in 2015. DJPrinceRoyal saw an opportunity to use his platform to help the less fortunate during the holiday season.  So far, DJPrinceRoyal has helped four families in the Washington, DC area. The "I Love My Life" charity has also received additional donations from the Caribbean Community. 

"It’s more than just music.... it’s my life."

- DJ Prince Royal

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